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Osternferien Leopard Moving Mouth Faux Furry Costume Mask
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Brand: HuiTai
Color: Customized
Type: Full-Head
Size: Age 14 and above
Unit Price: 21.99USD/Piece
MOQ: 20 Piece
Capacity: 200000 Piece
Delivery Time: 21 days after deposite
Detailed info
All of Mask Made from Lubber
Materials: Made from 100% natural latex, environmental and non-toxic. 

Latex Mask Size 
Roomy enough that should easily fit any child or adult (even when wearing glasses) 

Where are you see from? 
See through the eyes, nose's or the mouth hole.

1. When you first open the packaging it may have a little latex odor. Just let it air out for a while and that took care of it. 
2. Please be aware that the vacuum packaging may cause a slight deformation issue. I say slight because it will go back to its original and intended shape in a couple of hours. Just use something to hold the mask open. We suggest a wig stand or Styrofoam mannequin which can be found and purchased cheaply. One customer says that a small waste basket turned upside down will also work. 
3. In order to make our mask look more realistic we intentionally made the slits for eyes and mouth small. However, if needed, you can improve your sight by reworking our mask at home carefully cut them larger.